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The Municipality of Argalasti

The Municipality of Argalasti   geographically is found in the most central department of Southern Pilion.           North, it borders with the Municipality of Afetes, while southern, it borders with the Municipality of Sipias.

Eastern and Westwards it is wetted by the Aegean Sea and Pagasitikos Gulfrespectively. Seat of the Municipality is Argalasti  Tel. 2423054219, in which reside a lot of government owned services as the GREEK TELECOME, the NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY, the police, the   County Court, the High school and The Lyceum, the Centre of Tourist   Information (Info-centre) etc, rendering it thus the administrative centre of Southern Pilio.

The population of The Municipality of Argalasti amounts roughly in 2.100 residents.

At older times the current Muni­cipality was the Municipality of Spalakra. Specifically the ancient Spalacra are located in the coastal area between Horto and Milina. Appreciable monuments of Argala­sti are the Belltower of The Holy Temple of Saint Apostles and a lot of scattered churches and chapels as well as bowed stone bridges and the Monastery of Paou and the nice Conference Centre belonging to the University of Thessaly