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The Municipality of Afetes

The Municipality of Afetes with seat in Neohori, geographically finds itself in the beginning of the peninsula of Southern Pilion. Northern, it borders with the Municipality of Milies and the Municipality of Mouresi, southern with the Municipality of Argalasti and Eastern and westwards is wetted by the Aegean Sea and Pagasitikos Gulf  respectively.

It is constituted by the following municipal sections: Neohori, Afetes, Syki, Lampinou and Kalamaki with a total number of roughly 2000 residents.

It is connected by road with the buses of KTEL Volos. The tourism in connection with the  rural production (olive-oil, chest- nuts, apples, pears, raki local wne and vegetables), miming of Stone of Pilion, are the basic sectors of local economy. Neohori is the village with  too many bio- agricultures.  In all the villages Municipality of Afetes the  visitor can meet natural and historical monuments  as churches, The Monastery of Ag. Ioannis in Syki, magnificent stone kalderimia in a lot of paths that connect a lot of villages between them, curved bridges and amazing beaches not only in the Aegean but in Pagasitikos Gulf as well. The Municipality of Neohori is offered for wintry, naturalist and religious tourism. There exist a lot of lodgings that work all year, like restaurants, tavernas, hotels and ren­ted rooms. Important tourist centres are Afissos with a lot of appreciable tourist enterprises that offer alternative tourist activities in the sea, and the mountain.

Basic festivals are: in Neohori of Undertaking, in Afissos on 17th July, in Syki on 28th-29th August and a lot of other in all the villages of the Municipality.

The Municipality of Afetes invites you to visit it in all the seasons of the year.