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Katigiorgis is a beautiful and traditional fishing village and municipal apartment of Promiri 13 kms Eastern of Promiri. It has 40 roughly permanent residents. It is hardly 2.5 miles opposite Skiathos and the transfer there is very easy. It is connected to Platanias by 8 kms road, from Kastri it is 5 kms away and has next the beaches of Lyri in 3 kms and Mourtias in 5 kms. There also reversely exists transport by bus of KTEL Magnesia two times a day from Volos to Katigiorgis and (Tel. 2421025527). There exists a rural surgery and it is served by the Health Centre of Argalasti and the drugstore in 28 kms distance while there also exists a permanent installation of marine taxi for the service of its visitors. In front of Katigiorgis the lighthouse of "Lefteris" is found on a reef that was already known from the ancient times as "Mirmyx". The rich in fishes region of Katigiorgis rendering it as one of the best fishing locations of Pilion and for this reason there is observed an intense piscatorial activity so much by professional fishermen, as well as by many amateurs. It allocates a lot of rented rooms, apartments and villas and rural residences of Greeks and foreigners. Also it allocates fantastic fish-taverns, restaurants,ouzo selling restaurants, coffe bar, confectionery, mini market, etc.



In Katigiorgis there beautiful church of St. Georgios and  each year on 21st May there is organised a traditional festival with popular orchestra, dance  and a lot of mirth. The cultural Association "Katigiorgis" overwhelms big efforts for the growth of the settlement and attends to its cleanness and renovation.