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Picturesque and traditional pilion village with amazing view to Pagasitikos Gulf, with roughly 500 residents. It is 50 kms from Volos. Historically it seems that Lafkos with its fighters, contributed considerably in the fights of the release of Pilion from the Turks.

Today it is the seat of Municipality  which numbers globally about 1850 residents. The locals deal mainly with the cultivation of olives and building  -construction professions and tourism.

Lafkos with the magnificent stone paved square and the kalderimnia, with the many  refreshing and  shadowy plane-trees that in  combination with the traditional fountain, the majestic, post-byzantine era's church, the Fabion Museum, the traditional   cafes and lodgings of accommodation and the famous festivals on 26th July  and 7th Septemper  every year, composes  an amazing environment that fascinates the visitors  and makes them love Lafkos

Recently enough enterprises have  developed important tourist activity  and allocate appreciable infrastructures. They offer  local traditional flavours and hospitality. It allocates also surgery, drugstore, petrol-station, bakery, market and ATM (PR0BANK).