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Important tourist  coastal resort of Southern Pilion in the Pagasitikos Gulf. It belongs to the Municipality of Sipias with roughly 550 residents. It is 49 km south-eastern of Volos.

 In the region of Saint Andrea of Milina, roughly 2 km from the village, the ancient Magnisian city Oljzon is found, king of which was Fjloktitis. There exist also other interesting archaeological discoveries It has 2 small graphic islets, the full of olives Alatas with the historical monastery of The Saint Saranta and Prasouda. The basic occupation of the residents together with tourism is the cultivation of olives and fishery.

It allocates enough satisfactory tourist infrastructures with modern lodgings not only in the space of hospitality and accommodation, as well as in the space of alternative forms of tourism. The nightly enter­tainment, concerning the remainder Southern Pilion, is intense. On 17th July Saint Marina's Day a very good

Festival takes place. It allocates also a drugstore, enough markets oven, surgery and petrol station.

 Everyday transport by KTEL Volos  tel. 24210 25521