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It took its name from the so many shadowy plane trees that exist in the region: this implies the existence of rich water carrying horizon with too much good and digestive water. Platanias allocates a wind protected natural harbour and simultaneously a piscatorial shelter, which was famous from the ancient times. This harbour was used by the Persians as a base of operations at their expedition in order to occupy Greece. In this light blue narrow passage between  Pilion and northern Evia the  known naval battle of Artemission took place. Here also in the  temporary Platanias are believed to be located the ancient Afetes, where The Argonauts stopped in order to take water while sailing to Kolchida..

From the beginning of the 19th  century Platanias is reformed to be an important transit  centre for the transport of merchandises to the wider hinterland of Pilion and thus  it is established as an official  settlement of Promiri because of  the harbour and its place.

The tourist  development  of  Platanias  begins in middle of the decade of 60’s with the construction  of the Hotel “Villa des Roses" by the Egypt originated  Yannis Ntovas. Since then a lot of tourist lodgings are erected, as hotels   rented rooms, restaurants,  taverns, ouzo selling restaurants, cafeterias, mini markets, villas, furnished apartments, and rural residences of Greeks  and 

foreigners. The temporary Plata- nias, with roughly 120 permanent residents, allocates simultaneously tourist lodgings with enough good benefits, as hotels, furnished apart­ments, rooms to let, apartments and independent villas and globally it numbers about 800 beds. It also allocates many and different shops of food, restaurants and taverns with traditional cuisine, fish- taverns with abundant fresh fishes, pizzerias, ouzo selling restaurants, cafeterias, mini markets, goods of gifts, butchery, bakery, daily local and foreign Press etc.

Platanias allocates a beautiful and negotiable (mainly for children) beach where under the shade of the neighbouring olive grove can somebody find rest. The residents, beyond their tourist occupation, cultivate the olive systematically as well. Recently also the floriculture appears to occupy share in the local economic life of the wider region.


One of the oldest buildings of 1916 is the church St. Anargyri that celebrates on 1st July and each year a two-day traditional festival is organised. Also in Platanias each year from the Cultural Association "the Friends of Platanias" the Platanias' Night is organised with a local orchestra, where you share local fish soup and abundant wine

flows and the beach party on the sandy beach. The same association organises also the festival in the  settlement Mousgies in the garden  space of the amazingly Holy painted Chapel "Virgin N Mousgiotissa" on the 7th September,  which our Union promotes its systematic maintainance, re-establishment and the reformation of  its environmental space.

Platanias with its harbour is the biggest piscatorial shelter of Pilion, and its visitor finds abundant fresh fish.

It is connected coastally by ship in the summer-time with Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos and there exists a permanent installation of taxi  boat for the service of its visitors.

On Skiathos Tel. 24270 29100 and in New Agchialos Volos Tel. 24280-76886, there function two airports  for the transport of tourists. Also  reversely exists three times a day transport by bus of KTEL from Volos to Platanias and reversely (24210-25527).

There exists a rural surgery and it is served by The Health Centre of Argalasti and the drugstore in the 17 kms.

The nearest hospital 24230-94200 is in Volos in 58 kms distance


1) The Hotel of Roses. Ecotourist activities. Naturalist, religious and cultural tourism.

Platanias with its beautiful nature that combines mountain and sea gives a lot of occasions for the growth of alternative forms of tourism. There exist interesting historical monuments, churches, the monastery of St. Spyridon and natural interests as pedestrian ways, the marine caverns with the seals monachus-monachus, the sources in the settlement of Mousgies, production of local soap and crowd of aromatic plants and herbs for collection and treatment. Today in Platanias "The Hotel of Roses" promotes and organizes systematically such activities in this sector, witlh its beautiful ecotourist program about which you will find all the relative  information in the web page.


Cmping “Louisa”

Ecotourist activities.

1.   Fishing with line or cane

2.   Riding

3.   Kayak